Thursday, 29 April 2010

Photographic memory

Have you ever found an old photo in a box that raises a lot of questions? Here is mine. Here is the Grandmother I never knew with two of her 7 children. I am guessing that the shot was taken in the early 1930’s. The family were quite well off for the time, as they had a car, and here is my grandma, my aunt and one of my uncles sat on the running board. I don’t know where it was taken, or who took it, but someone thought it was important to capture the moment.
Where were the other four children (no 7 probably wasn’t born when the photo was taken)? Did my grandfather take the photo? Is that why my grandmother is sitting in the driving seat? Why was it so important to take such an ordinary photo? Was the photographer just trying out a new camera? I find it puzzling that there was a moment of spontaneity from my somewhat austere grandfather. Or perhaps a friend wanted to capture my grandmother with a rare carefree smile.
Eighty years on, her grand-daughter is never without her small digital camera tucked in her handbag. I think Grandma Daisy would have approved of that.

Addenda - in the 12 hours since I posted this photo, my Dad has identified the car as a Wollesley Straight Six, and Mum says the photo was taken at the weekly cricket match at Sutton on the Forest where my grandpa played on the team.


cathy johnston said...

Love the old photo!! It is great to keep photos of family history!

Ilanadavita said...

It is a priceless shot. My great grand father had a car too and was considered very original by his neighbors.