Sunday, 31 May 2009


We were warned. There was to be Polar weather this weekend. Sure enough, it came with icy blasts. Our sheltered suburb had no fewer than 8 hailstorms in one day. Areas of the coast, known for their temperate climate, got snow at sea level.

We could use a bit of Global Warming please.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Honey, I shrunk the kid

Our male cat sits next to my husband's computer every day on a blanket and purrs as the man of the house works on his projects.
This evening, when my beloved came home from work, the panda was sat on his macbook with a note "Honey, I shrunk the kid".

With a new friend

We have always joked that Otto bore an alarming resemblence to a panda, especially when he lies on his back, as he has a large black spot on his tummy. Today I simply couldn't resist buying this toy in a second hand shop,

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I know I should be grateful for rain. I AM grateful, truly Lord I am. But this last week has been so difficult. The combo of 140km winds and horizontal storms has been a nightmare.
This morning I woke up and it was quiet. Not a breeze, not a drop. Both the cats shot out of the door and practically did a dance on the stoop. Big boy is currently sitting under his favourite bush, staring myopically at the fantails. Her ladyship is having a sniff fest all over the deck, ballustrades, plants, tables, chairs. It's quite funny to watch.
Today I head to the doctor after almost a week of weird pain that arrived very suddenly in my lower back. It could be rising damp?

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Land of Milk and Honey

Hat tip,

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Extreme Shepherding

Weather Romance

Below follows an interaction on Facebook this morning between myself and an old friend in the Arabian Peninsula

Me: I am not going anywhere in this weather
Friend: Tell your weather to pass by our place, we sure need it.
Me: Are you sure B, I'm not sure I would give this weather to a friend.
Friend: tell the weather that we have a HOT attractive weather right here, I'm sure your cold weather is single, lets hook them up.
Me: OK, so "Unpredictable chilly southerly wind seeks mature, humid and gritty shamel for mutual forecasting. Serious weather only need apply"

There's a stand up routine in there somewhere Mr A.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cats on a blustery day

How to stay warm in New Zealand

Today is one of the coldest I have experienced, and it would be the day I am not feeling well.

Here's how to keep warm. Take one long sleeved thermal hiking sweater, covered with long sleeved wool jumper, long sleeved (double fabric) fleece dressing gown, mink blanket, hot water bottle on stomach, central heating, oil filled radiator and cat.

Ahhh, that's better.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I wish someone would invent....

Zero gravity key chains that mean your keys are always at the top of your handbag.

Glasses that follow you around the house, so that "have you seen my glasses?" is no longer an FAQ.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Taking temperatures

Today must have been around zero degrees when wind chill was taken into consideration.

Global warming is looking very attractive from where I sit at the moment.

I am just about to insist on both cats coming to bed with us, to act as foot muffs.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Falling leaves

Our only deciduous tree, with a native Cabbage Tree (Cordyline australis) behind it.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Obama and Bibi - geography lesson

From the Dry Bones cartoonist, Yaakov Kirschen
Click on image to see the details.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

And the ever versatile......

Aubergine or Eggplant or Brinjal or khatsilim

Agrippas Street - Bread

Machane Yehuda - Zeytim

Eating like a king with these delights on offer.

Machane Yehuda - Tutim

Strawberries in January in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!!! Be still my heart

Jerusalem, should I forget you.....

Whenever I find myself shopping for fruit and vegetables, I always think wistfully of the big market on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, the Machane Yehuda. There is NOWHERE to compare to this when it comes to freshness, and variety. Some photos - an excuse for me to amble down memory lane

Monday, 11 May 2009


Our lovely boy, worshipping at the White Heat Emitting God.

Friday, 8 May 2009

New ways to eat Focaccia

A worrying trend in our household. Each Friday I'm making Focaccia. Tonight we had a loaf with the remains of a Rogan Josh I made last night.
But the bread was still warm, so after eating it with spicy meat, we ate it with Dukkah.
Then I KNEW I had to try it with something else.......because it was still warm.
Chocolate nut spread.
There's no loaf left.
And no, I'm not pregnant.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


I have just spent the last ten minutes with my cat. She has purred and rubbed herself against the computer monitor, keyboard, modem, mouse, filing trays, “collect all” baskets, my head and my hands. She has had her paws on my shoulder, nuzzled my ear and my neck, almost deafening me in the process.
I have watched her cuddle up to all my possessions today, including books, knitting, glasses, cups of hot lemon, slippers and dressing gown.
She knows I’m not well and in whatever way she can, she’s sympathising. She’s animated Get Well Soon greeting!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

And speaking of groceries.......

This afternoon I quickly walked to our local supermarket to pick up some urgent items. The above cost $24.90 or 9.55 pounds at today's rate. This was a supermarket from a national chain, not a small corner shop. Expensive nu?

Why groceries aren't robbed in Israel

Hat tip to Margie at Dansey's Pass

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Silently absent

I have a weakness for country, cooking and interiors magazines. They are the things that wind me down and make me very mellow. I can dream away, get ideas, be inspired to cook interesting dinners and do creative things around the house.
However, in the UK magazines, the one page adverts for bespoke kitchens, quality country clothing, hand made furniture, designer wallpaper etc all have an alarming omission. At the bottom of the page where all the suppliers are listed by county, I’m not there. I’m never there. The county in the UK where I spent the formative years of my life is NEVER mentioned.
Curious to know why? We’re poor and industrialised. It’s as if we are considered unworthy of beauty or quality or variety. Living there, you would have to catch a train or drive a significant distance to find decent hiking boots or a kitchen designer or a chesterfield sofa. You wouldn’t be able to browse around a china shop or a craft supplier.
Sad really. I’m the girl from nowhere.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Pigs are flying

Leader article in today's Jerusalem Post

Officials from Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Palestinians convene in Jerusalem to coordinate fighting disease (swine flu).

Strange that it takes a piggie to bring them to the talking table.....