Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A strange kind of coming of age

Next month I will achieve that perfect number, 7x7 and become a 49er. However, this evening I have yet again faced the reality that I am a universe short of perfection. What an easy trap it is to fall into, the sense of self that tells you, “You can do it. Put in lots of hard work and everything will be great. It’s all about you and what you are capable of.” What codswallop, poppycock and hogwash that is! Except, how easy it is to believe.
Lest you think I’m first cousin to a sloth, I’m not. I’m not agin hard work - heavens, I was born of hardworking working class workers…..if you catch my drift. I had hard work drummed into me and modelled before me. I pulled up my bootstraps long before I had feet big enough to wear them. But the working gene in my DNA mutated to striving. It became a belief that debilitated, crippled and sapped life.
This evening, the Maker of the Universe (the one I fall so short of), taught me yet again that the world is all about Him; every last wondrous atom of it. Every bird song and moth, syllable and rhyme, every plan, path and purpose, every miraculous whiff of the ordinary and plain, gargantuan and minutae is Him.


david said...

I was very moved by your thoughts on "coming of age" and would like to comment.
It is good to stop from time to time and to take stock of were one stands in relation to life, and what it is all about.
As you so rightly see, it is not about me,and if I see the only way is may striving to achieve, then I am heading down the wrong track.
(if you can, listen to a favorite song of mine "All or Nothing" by Freddy Hayler")
I was excited as I read your comments, but felt that you had much more to say.
I would encourage you to continue
on the same track.

sparrow said...

Dear David, Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am still struggling to articulate the internal stuff that is going on. If I can get it "out" I may ask my visitors indulgence again:-)