Monday, 7 March 2011

In my lady's chamber

This was where I spent the evening. And I'll let you into a secret, I wasn't taking part in an International Taikwando competition. Tonight, I officially became a Kiwi.

The ceremony took place in the Council chamber in the Town Hall.

The lady Mayor has a very impressive chain of office, which reaches her waistline. Imagine my joy when having my photo taken with her. "Where did you get that gorgeous necklace?" she whispered in my ear "Israel. The designer Orna Lalo. It was a gift". Now for someone with at least a kilo of precious metal around her shoulders to be admiring my jewellery, well that was REALLY something!

Finally, the two of us, British by birth, Kiwi by choice (and this lovely fella was the one who bought me the jewellery).

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Night Crawler said...

Congratulations Jane ! And I'm happy for you...Best regards to your other half ....GOD bless Mate...