Friday, 29 April 2011

Of teacups and tiaras

I am not a monarchist, but neither am I a Republican. Any country should be grateful for an apolitical figurehead who does all the tedious diplomacy, handshaking, and networking that an elected politician doesn’t have the giftings or time for.
I’m grateful for Queen Elizabeth 2. She’s an absolute marvel that woman. She’s a year younger than my mum, and still has both a day job and an evening job, and was riding horses until only a few years ago. It was a job she didn’t ask for, but she has done it faithfully for over 60 years. Anyone out there who can compete with that? She’s done the job in spite of wayward kids, a very undiplomatic husband and private trials.
Ma’am you are an international treasure.
Your choice of dogs leaves something to be desired, but no one is perfect.
Tonight I’ll be glued to the telly down here in the southern most bit of the Commonwealth. Not because I’m a royalist, but because I’m a romantic and love a good wedding. I’m excited about the frock and the bridesmaids and that gorgeous young chap in uniform. I will be giggling at the Archbishop’s eyebrows and looking to see what outfit Princess Anne has re-cycled. I’ve been running a bet with myself to see if I can guess the colour of the Queen’s outfit, like I did when she visited “my town” (I was 10 years and my city had just turned 1900 years) And I guessed right – she wore canary yellow.
I will be the one looking for the member of the Household Cavalry who wants to sneeze because his bearskin is too low at the front.
And for the record, I think she’ll have her hair up, because it is difficult to wear a tiara with long heavy hair. The dress will be close fitting and not a meringue with a train the length of Buckingham Palace Road. It’s a long shot, but I think she will have been loaned one of Queen Mary’s Tiaras - possibly the sunburst one which the Queen wore at her wedding, and I think the bridesmaids will have a splash of colour – most likely blue.
I doubt she will carry a hedge of flowers, but opt for a more understated bouquet, more like Sarah than Diana. I think the Queen will be in pale blue or lilac. I suspect the newly minted couple will be given Duke and Duchess as new titles, probably the Duke and Duchess of Clarence.
OK folks, you heard it here first!
William and Catherine, I wish you many happy years. I lift my teacup of Earl Grey Tea to toast you!

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