Monday, 9 April 2012

It all started with a walk in the Botanical gardens

.....and an advertisement in the holiday newspaper. Today the SPCA was overflowing with cats, kittens and desperately needed foster homes and adoptions - we read the advert over coffee. An hour later we were the proud owners of this little boy. He was named Tank (you should see the size of his paws). We have renamed him Ruppin (after Arthur and Ilya Rupin my favourite artist). The Queen of Spice is not happy and hissed at him, the Gentleman of the house was terrified (yet again - you would think he would learn that 2kgs of fluff is not a big challenge when you are 7 kgs and could sit on it!).

It will be an interesting few days. Ruppin has eaten half a teaspoon of cottage cheese and has already attempted to shin up the Austrian curtains in the spare bedroom. Mercifully we have old furniture.....

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toby said...

Oh, he's adorable - enjoy!