Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pickles and other pictures of domestic bliss

When I picture my mum, I always picture her in one of two places, in front of the sewing machine, or making food in the kitchen. Because Dad had an allotment of land from the council, we always had fresh vegetables, and before mum got a deep freeze, she pickled and jammed for an army.
Today I made my FIRST pickled cabbage. I LOVE cabbage and potatoes and suspect that somewhere in my ancestry, I have Eastern European blood. I also swoon at the smell of cooking mushrooms. My bookshelves are also full of Tolstoy, Chekov and the works of Lenin, but that is another story.
So, here I am proudly trumpeting my cabbage artistry - and thank you Bonne Maman Jam and Rose's Marmalade for your cute jars. The vinegar is laced with pepper, cinnamon quills, pimento, chilli, cassia, ginger and coriander.

The other picture of domestic bliss is our spice girl Cumin and "kitten" Ruppin, snoozing side by side. This happened last night, and was a first. For two months we have wondered if these two would ever get used to one another, let alone actually LIKE each other. It seems that Entente has finally become Cordiale.

Sigh, pickles and purring cats, what a happy day.

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