Saturday, 8 September 2012

Wonderous Windows Delirious Doors 41

The photos below were taken on Thursday, a particularly sociable day. I had coffee with my husband on the way to work, then went out with colleagues for lunch later at a French restaurant just up the road from my office. However, the day was to end rather badly. I started to feel unwell before going out to lunch, then rapidly went downhill afterwards. Nothing to do with the food I hasten to add. I had an emergency appointment at the doctors yesterday which involved large dosages of antibiotics. Sigh

 Dunshea's Deli, Khandallah
 In the garden of Dunshea's Deli
 Le Canard, Thorndon
Anyway, these are "from the inside looking out" window shots on Thursday


Ms Sparrow said...

Antibiotics can do a number on you! Hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

Jeanne said...

Hope you are feeling better. Found you at WWDD and my submission is a door but with a similar theme...a very sociable Friday.

Lesley said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
That first pictures looks rather tempting :)

Ralph said...

Indeed, I hate the though of having to take ay antibiotics as that means more of a problem in my system than I'd prefer. Yet, we must take our medicine and hope the issues heal is a hame that your appetite might be affected as these pastries look divine - do get well soon!

Sara said...

Your 'inside looking out' photos are all charming. And the food looks very tasty in that first photo...can't resist pastries and such! Sorry that you became so ill, and I'm glad it had nothing to do with the food. Hope you will (or already did) get well speedily with the help of the antibiotics!

toby said...

Most delis don't have such lovely gardens - that is really special! Hope you're feeling better by now.
And I'm glad you liked my hubby's article! Next time you're in town, come on over, I'll be happy to serve you lots of yummy, homemade, sugar-free delicacies :)

Riet said...

Oh that food looks so yummy and looking from the inside out is a great change.