Saturday, 27 October 2012

All the fun of the fair

One of the many delightful things about spring in New Zealand is the plethora of fairs being held at weekends. Schools, churches, craft guilds, you name it, they host the ultimate event to help you part with your cash, to buy yourself treats and generally indulge your creative side (or acquisitive, collecting of junk side).

Here are my "spoils of the day". The first photo is a collection of home/handmade goods and the ubiquitous "70's" clutter which my husband is beginning to dread. Quote "Oh look, you've bought another brown plate/lamp/set of glasses/yard of fabric". He has an acute case of retrophobia and does not want to be cured.

I'd like to think when I'm dead and gone, the poor soul who has to dispose of my creative world will appreciate my taste as "retrospective".

In a different league altogether, the second photo is a painting I bought from a lovely S. African friend. I have been admiring it for months on her website. Today I saw it at her art exhibition and simply had to have it. Check out the work of Gerda Smit on Facebook or etsy.

So, for now, good afternoon from your resident "Patron of the arts"

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Ms Sparrow said...

Gerda's painting is lovely. I can see why you are so fond of it. I have a casserole/pie carrier similar to the one you bought. I find it so useful for taking stuff to potlucks.
There were a lot of fashions from the 70's that were tacky (like flocked wallpaper and orange shag carpet) but the glassware was not one of them. It looks like you had a good day!