Friday, 1 March 2013

Introducing Galina

I started to make this little poppet before making an unexpected trip to the UK. As I came back to NZ with pneumonia, I have not had the energy to do anything except lift a needle. Her shawl is a Brussels lace handkerchief.


Ms Sparrow said...

She is adorable! I like the name you gave her too.

Kat Mortensen said...

Jane, glad to hear you are back, safe and sound. So sorry about the trials with Simon's mum. You are included in my prayers, always.

The cats must have been happy on your return, or did you get the classic initial snub?

I would love to have one of your dolls! My birthday is in June, and I'm sure my mum would be pleased to buy one for me for the occasion ( she's always looking for things for me, since I don't need or want much). Could you create one called Katya and put her in greens? The rest is up to you.

Lots of love, Kat

toby said...

So sweet!
Glad to hear that you're back - I hope you and everyone feel better and manage to settle into normalcy...