Friday, 21 June 2013

Morocco meets Yorkshire

Last night, starting around 5pm Wellington was battered by the worse storm in over 40 years. In some parts there were 200km/hr winds. The destruction this morning was all too evident. Our suburb had intermittent power over 17 hours, and I listened to trees around our house creak and groan most of the night. Currently there are 30,000 people in the city without electricity. All flights and trains have been cancelled.

On the whole, our part of the suburb where we live came off "lightly" and our house only lost electricity for about 10 minutes. A blessing on such a terrible night.

We are due to fly to the S. Island tomorrow to view some houses. The winds may delay or cancel flights, we aren't sure at this point.

So, what to do after such a night? Make a lamb, chick pea and vegetable stew in the slow cooker. I decided at the last minute to top with mashed potatoes - a tribute to my Yorkshire heritage. A perfect finale to the Polar blasts of the last 24 hours.