Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bush fires in Victoria State Australia

I have just forwarded the following email to all my Kiwi friends. Feel free to pass on to anyone who might want to help:

Dear Friends,

Will you be one in a million?

If a million of us on these wonderful islands gave up our coffee / newspaper / lollies / cigarettes for a week, we could send at least $20 million to OZ to help the victims of the bushfires.

Two very easy ways to do this are online. This morning I went to the New Zealand Red Cross site, www.redcross.org.nz and there is a facility to donate immediately by Credit Card. You receive a tax receipt within seconds into your mail box.

Or you can give to the Sallies - and we all know how great they are in a crisis.


If you would like to, why not forward this message to all your Kiwi friends, and let's between us open a million purses.

Apologies in advance if you get this email more than once. A group of us just decided to get moving and challenge our friends. The chances are, we have a few friends in common.

Let's show Oz how much we care and choose to be "One in a million"


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