Sunday, 20 June 2010


In the last week I have watched our kitten’s sense of curiosity, fascinated. She is so brave and nosy, and her capacity to learn knows no bounds. I wish I had the same ratio of courage that she has in her tiny tiger frame – now let’s see, multiply her 1 kg of boldness by 100. Not bad!
It makes me think. Why is it so easy for us to lose our sense of adventure and desire for the unknown? For a kitten, of course much of it is so that they can make sense of any dangers in their environment. But I am entranced when she looks at rain coming down the window. I wonder how her brain processes that; or coming face to face with a huge cat for the first time. She dealt with that by kissing his nose and then purring; an object lesson in “loving your enemy”. All quite magical really.
This afternoon, using the struts of our dining room chairs as a climbing frame, she encountered Mr “Huge as a Panda” cat almost nose to nose. He seems to be falling under her spell too. I suspect the heart shape marking on her side is the sign of things to come.

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rutimizrachi said...

You bring up such nice memories of Kitties of the Past. Mona, chasing a football across the TV screen (pat-pat-pat-PAT!); Toby climbing into and out of boxes, and running around the walls of my small apartment at waist-level; Lady M leaping to the top of a metal pole, over and over again, to chase our hands; Malky Underfoot following a beetle across the floor in seemingly hypnotized fascination...

They are such individuals. Thanks for sharing your dear little fuzzballs' lives with us.