Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Successful recipes

I have never been a mother, but on the worry barometer, the last three days have come pretty close. Our rescue kitten, Ms Ginger Fireball Rocket has had me lying awake fretting. Our much beloved Snr Soppy Tom Cat has been grieving his sister, meeping strange conversations, not eating and generally looking miserable. I have felt like I was turning greyer every day.

On Saturday night, Ms Kitten’s spay wound started to look odd. I bathed it with veterinary supplied antiseptic wash, left over from a fight wound of Snr Cat and it started to look better, then worse, then better. Tonight I took her to the vet. It was much worse on the inside than the outside and had come close to being very serious. I felt terrible. I had no idea. It would appear she was sick when we collected her 4 days ago. The vet was marvellous and has re assured me she will recover fully. He also weighed her – just over 1kg. I was thrilled. Four days of troughing her victuals has really plumped her up. That and lounging in a very comfortable basket next to a mini radiator, with three meals a day, en suite litter tray and room service.

Like the recipe book says, “leave in a warm place until doubled in size.”


Mon said...

I'm glad she is ok...she will be spoilt by you guys!

Poetikat said...

Oh dear! Two of them to worry over. I feel your pain!
Glad to hear Ginger kitty is going to be fine. It's a shame they can't tell us what's wrong and we have to decipher the codes ourselves.

Hope the old fella gets through his mourning. Perhaps, like we humans, he just needs to vocalize it.

Hugs, Jane.


rutimizrachi said...

There are KIDS in the world who don't get fretted over and loved this much and treated this well, Sparrow. Good on ya! Looks like your little girl has found the right home.