Saturday, 11 September 2010


Today I knew it was the first day of spring. Today was our local town's Spring market and the first day of fundraising for the "New Year".

The funds from today's jewellery stall are going to support an inspirational couple in Haifa. Philip and Violette are passionate about children (they have 6 of their own) and are starting a new kindergarten. It was the vision of their entire family and they have all got involved. It will be for Jewish and Arab children, reflecting the way that Haifa's Jewish and Arab Israelis live side by side in the city. It will fill a much needed gap in the early education facilities in their area.

They don't have government funding or piles of money to do this, but they do think it is the right thing to do. I am passionate to help them. I saw them in action in 2008 when I volunteered in Israel for a while. They are always taking care of people and met the needs of many mothers bringing their children to Israel from Iraq for life saving surgery. Philip and Violette just adopted entire families during their stay. As I say, inspirational.

Photos to follow (if the weather holds!)

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