Friday, 17 September 2010

A Storm and what to do!

When a storm has been forecast
It’s important you see,
To play in the sun
And run up a tree.
But as hailstones come rumbling
And taking their aim,
So much more sensible
To skip out of the way.

And as for the humans,
They are quick to agree
They must go drink coffee
At a place by sea.

Cumin in our Kowhai tree, Coffee courtesy of Bella Italia Petone

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rutimizrachi said...

There is a custom, immediately after Yom Kippur, to hammer the first nail into the sukkah. Some people do this literally, while others do it figuratively (by studying some of Mishnah Sukkah, for instance, or by writing a Sukkot-related blog post [hint, hint]). What does that have to do with my enjoyment of your email and this post? I have to give up coffee for a couple of weeks before a 25-hour fast, or experience killer headaches. Tomorrow, I will delight in the first delicious cup after all that time. But tonight, I get to read about your coffee enjoyment (along with a little family update and kitty gymnastics), and I feel that I poured the first cup. Ahhhhhhhh! :-) Thank you!