Wednesday, 8 December 2010

To dream the impossible dream

I seldom procrastinate. I would rather complete something I dislike and move on, than have it glare at me, stalk me and generally haunt my living hours.
One task however reduces me to a quivering heap; an overstuffed filing tray. Since when did staring at an inanimate object reduce it to sub atomic particles, cause it to vanish or to organise itself, Poppinesque, into terrifying regimented orderliness?
My tray is full of items that I won’t read again and should have thrown away last year. The Christmas letters are last years, the newspaper cuttings and interesting pieces of card “to make something with” are dog eared, and the cats have successfully chewed two of the plastic folders which are trying to hold “things of similar ilk” together.
Coupons have expired, and the vet’s paperwork and notes are long irrelevant. Recipes, ideas for stories, stationery and camera cords vie for supremacy.
I can’t bear to throw anything away or organise the chaos. So, my question is why can’t we rent black holes? That way everything could be conveniently thrown into one until required in some other universe or dimension. But knowing my luck, I would choose a malfunctioning black hole, without a warranty, and have all of my unwanted filing from the last 25 years dump itself just as I was about to serve a soufflĂ©.
There’s a lot to be said for just leaving it there in its menacing, accusing heap.
Meanwhile I shall dream about a desk that holds just the iMac and a coaster.


CHANNAH said...

if only there was room for a coaster under all these papers on my desk...


rutimizrachi said...

I, too, am addicted to anything with print on it.

There are worse failings. Write them all down, on a piece of paper, and add them to the "filing" tray.