Monday, 28 February 2011

The Great Sunday Bake Off part 2

Here were the wonderful volunteers at one of the baking drop off points early this morning.

They were very organised sorting the cakes.

The little girl in lilac had made ginger bread men for the children of Christchurch (mum told me that they had hosted some refugees from the quake zone).

Then we all got the chance to write on a banner which would be on the side of the truck as it drove to Christchurch.

The guy who dreamt up the whole project is a fitness instructor. Anyone else out there find this a tad ironic when all those calories were flying around?

STOP PRESS. I just heard from another Wellingtonian that not only did the truck get filled with cakes, but the "excess" was sold and raised $14,000! Yay Wellington!


Isabelle said...

Great! It is nice to witness such solidarity.

Dianne said...

This is a great idea~ a help to the volunteers and people in the tent city, plus a way for the general public to get together and make a difference. Well Done Wellington!