Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ladies and Gentleman Players.

For the last month, one corner of our living room has resembled a haberdashery as I have been busy making curtains. I gave up putting away the rolls of fabric every evening, as both cats had decided they were useless as claw sharpeners. Into this mix a scrabble board was added to the table making it a few square metres of happy chaos.

This morning I had a sense of deja vous. There was something about that cluttered small corner which reminded me of somewhere. Then I stumbled across this photo, taken in the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem in 2008. Note the rolls of fabric and a tailor's measure in the picture. Playing backgammon between making outfits for the locals.

Perhaps I have more in common with that part of the world than I realised.


rutimizrachi said...

Sure... cats, cloth, shesh-besh, maybe a Middle Eastern man or two... But somehow, I can't imagine you having a nargila lying about the living room.

sparrow said...

You are a scream! See my email though:-)