Monday, 13 June 2011

Earthquakes in Christchurch, again

One of the sayings heard in Christchurch or directed at Cantabrians over the last 9 months, has been the Maori saying "Kia Kaha" which translates roughly as "stay strong". Well the poor dears, I'm not sure they can do it much longer - who could? Most major earthquakes are followed by aftershocks, but then they die down and life slowly "normalises", whatever normal is.
Today Christchurch had two large aftershocks, a 5.5 and a 6. More destruction, more homes damaged, more injuries. Nine months and over 5000 aftershocks. The uncertainty is terrible. Whilst there is much being done to try and help, the basic questions remain, do we stay, do we leave, how will we cope with the winter with damaged homes, some with water flowing underneath them? It is a national disaster, and those of us who sit on the N.Island feel referred pain. Today, the category 6 earthquake was felt as far north as Wellington and as far south as Dunedin.
I am hoping the rebuild doesn't happen in the main area of the city. I hope for a new city, but elsewhere, somewhere a bit more geologically trustworthy, somewhere that sleep can be enjoyed without tension and fear, and where the daytime can be one of peace.
I wish you bedrock, Christchurch.


Amin said...

I hope everything will OK!

Dianne said...

What a pity - from the photos I have seen this is normally a beautiful serene city - but where to from here? I wouldn't be sleeping peacefully at night if I lived there - how unfortunate!