Saturday, 12 November 2011

Of Delis

For a capital city, we are bit thin on the ground when it comes to genuine delis. Oh sure, there are the upmarket "fleece you for 100g of anything" places, but the New York type, "make everything on the premises with the owner smiling at you from behind the till" type are scarce. Until now.

Craig Dunshea took a rather unpromising looking shop on a side street in a leafy suburb and turned it into the talk of the town. The ovens are two paces away from the counter and the coffee machine, and you see the pies being made as you are buying your latte.

It's a bit like sitting at the welcoming kitchen table of a large country house. The scrubbed pine table seats about 10 and you are surrounded with larder like shelves and dressers, laden to groaning point with food.

Craig's philosophy "We make the stuff we love to eat".

As my husband and I returned home, he commented he was feeling sleepy. My response "It was probably the pie - it has left you with that Sunday post prandial happiness" The good news is that we have another day to appreciate that we have been "fed to within an inch of our lives".

Dunshea's Deli - Khandallah, Wellington

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