Saturday, 18 February 2012

Money money money

I overheard a very cute conversation on the train a few days ago between three young teenage girls. It went something like this.
"So, he asked me to pay in cash, and I said, I don't have cash, I only have coins"
"But coins are cash!"
"No they're not! Notes are cash and EFTPos is cash. Coins are coins"
"Coins are a pain. Why would you use coins? EFTPos is best. That's real cash"

All I can do is feel old.


cathy said...

Okay now THAT is funny!!!! Oh boy that made me laugh! :0)

Olga said...

This is really funny - sometimes random conversation bits are so amusing... One of the benefits of public transportation :) I had of course to look online what EFTPOS is!

Thank you for leaving such kind comments on my blog... BTW, I didn't forget about your comment regarding the artists who participated in that exibition I went to a few weeks ago - I'm writing a blog posts with some links to the artists' bios and works.

Have a great weekend!

La Principessa Errante said...