Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hollandaise sauce drama

The following report appeared today in New Zealand's online newspaper Hollandaise sauce is a staple ingredient to the Sunday breakfast at the local cafe. Bet she's glad she didn't brake fast.
A Greytown woman is nursing aches and pains after spilled hollandaise sauce sent her car into a 360-degree spin on the Rimutaka Hill's cliffside road.
Sheryll Brasell is still shaking after her car, carrying her 6-year-old daughter, Courtney, and herself, suddenly spun out of control and ended up on the other side of the road on Thursday.
If there had been oncoming vehicles, things would have been different, Mrs Brasell said.
Although "all the jokes are really hilarious", the pair were lucky to be alive.
"We just spun out, did a 360 and ended up on the other side of the road.
"We were spinning on pure oil ... We could have killed ourselves," she said.
They were travelling on the cliff-side of the road when it happened.
Mrs Brasell had no idea what caused the spin and it was not until she continued to steer her oil-slicked wheels along the road that she noticed "yellow stuff" she thought was spilt road-marking paint.
When she reached the top of the hill she saw a truck dripping with yellow liquid and realised the source.
"I got out of the car and went `Oh my God, it's you'.
"No wonder I'm sliding all around the corners, it's mostly oil."
She notified nearby road workers.
Mrs Brasell was nursing a sore neck and back yesterday.
Her daughter had commented on how scary the incident was and even drew a picture of a car sliding on a yellow road, which she took to school.
Most of the oil had come off the car but the hubcaps were still coated, Mrs Brasell said.
Greytown farmer Stuart Smith took responsibility for the spill, saying he was taking a 100-litre drum of "reject" hollandaise sauce to feed animals at his farm.
He realised the sauce was spilling on the road when following motorists started tooting their horns at him

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toby said...

Oh my goodness, if only that were an April Fool's joke. I'm glad that they're safe and sound!