Sunday, 18 November 2012

checking out the Sunday reading

Ever since she was a small kitten, Cumin has loved books (she came to the right family). It is difficult to read in bed because she has to smooch the corner of the book and then delicately place herself between myself and the pages (jealousy?). This morning she has "loved" all of the books in the book stand - purchases from a book fair this month and possibly bringing with them numerous kitty smells from other households. She also likes to fall asleep on bookshelves or hide her silk mouse underneath them. Madamoiselle Library Cat


Ms Sparrow said...

Great photo. I love how the sunlight highlights her whiskers. How did she get the notch in her ear?

sparrow said...

Hello Ms Sparrow, we have a thug cat who lives next door. She was attacked when she was only 6 months old and bled like a stuck pig, the poor wee thing. We got her straight to the vet, but it is on such a thin piece of skin, that the vet said trying to sew it up wouldn't make much difference and would be very distressing for her. So our poor wee orange blossom had her ear pierced!