Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Ascent

Contemplating the cabbage tree

Running up the tree (in less than 3 seconds)

Thinking about jumping onto the neighbour's fence

Wondering about going into the fronds

The descent

Having a little think about the next adventure


Ms Sparrow said...

What a pretty kitty and good photos!
I found the foliage quite interesting too. Is a cabbage tree a type of palm tree? Some of the shots show leaves that look like English ivy or is it a different kind?

sparrow said...

Ruppin thanks you for your kind compliment!
A cabbage tree is Cordyline australis. We have one which is 20 feet tall, and the one Ruppin climbed this morning which is around 10 feet tall. Yes, we have ivy everywhere! You are very observant.

Eeyore said...

Alabama cats do exactly the same thing, except it isn't up a cabbage tree. More likely an oak, a sweet gum, or a pine.