Thursday, 23 April 2009

National Alpaca Day May 3rd

For those of you who associate New Zealand with sheep, I have news. We have about 20 million sheep fewer than we used to. The animal which has the high added value, and valuable fleece, is the Alpaca. On a modest block of land you could fit approximately 6 cows. If you have 15 acres you could home 50 alpaca.
They have a gentle nature and are inquisitive, not to mention cute and cuddly.
My husband knows that I want to keep them, but we only have .3 acre of land, enough for just one fluffy bundle, and they have to be kept in pairs.
I am working on it, and wearing down his resistance. I keep reminding him, I don't ask for jewellery or expensive clothes/holidays /nights at the opera.........
The photo is of an alpaca belonging to some friends of ours. Enjoy!

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