Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fancy stuff and fancy that!

I am frequently amazed at how well God’s knows us and wants to delight us. For months I have been trying to locate a particular book (now out of print); a history of the British Royal Jewels. Gems are a hobby, and I have always been fascinated by the provenance and mystery of Royal jewels, ever since I found a book in my local library when I was eight years old.
On Thursday, a friend showed up at my workplace with a book she’d stumbled across on the Internet. Knowing that Russia and jewels are a passion she bought it for me! Generous and perceptive – I was really touched. So, Friday night I tucked into a book about Faberge’s eggs.
On Saturday morning, I fell over the other book I had been looking for in a local charity shop for the outrageous sum of $3. Bang went another few hours, racing through the first few chapters. Both of the books interlocked at one point, over the acquisitive nature of two branches of the same family – notably Queen Victoria and Czar Nicholas and his wife, the granddaughter of Victoria, Princess Alice of Hess. The Empress Alexandra was given Faberge eggs each Easter by her husband. As Empress of India, Victoria amassed the most amazing treasures, gifts from Maharajas and Princes in her dominion. Her son Edward Prince of Wales, probably doubled the jewel coffers on his trip to India in 1875.
Back to the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I had a visit from a friend who had recently returned from a visit to a mutual friend overseas. He had carried back to NZ a present from this friend, which totally capped the weekend. I had lived in her home for two years, and even though we are about as different as salt and vinegar, she knows me well. She sent me an exotic and colourful gift in the bold colours that I love. Again, I was really touched.
It seems you don’t have to be a Queen or a Princess to receive something gorgeous from a far off foreign land.


Donna said...

oh but my dear, don't forget: you are a daughter of the King!

Hapi said...

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