Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Enjoying the paws in our working day

Every once in a while we get a visit from Tallulah. She is a bit of a socialite. Our graphic designer remembers her from her days at the local Girls' College, just a block up the street. Tallulah would enjoy dropping in during the science lessons. Because the "Gals" are still on holiday, she is hanging out with the "Not so young any more" Gals in our office.

It has been very hot and humid these last few days, so her favourite perch has been on the shredding bin. It is perfectly positioned below the fan. At the noon time hour, when temperatures soared, she lay in a heap under my desk, waiting for her ears to be scratched with my bare feet. Later she occupied a cardboard box in the direct line of two open windows with wafting curtains.

Here she is exiting by the sash window after she spotted some sparrows.

No doubt she will be waiting for me early tomorrow morning, purring under the window.

Post Script: not long after posting this blog, a friend from Maryland contacted me. It would appear that her cat is Tallulah's cousin! Any more black and white lookalikes out there?

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Amin said...

Interesting story...
Wonderful cat!
( I do not know the English very well, If I do any mistake ,please,inform me!)

sparrow said...

Amin you do very well with your English!

Amin said...

Hello! Thanks!
That is not my profession ...
I am lover of the flowers...