Wednesday, 21 January 2009

All the President's Menu

For the second year, in January, I have had a random collision with a US President and food.
Last year, I was in Jerusalem when George W hit town. It happened to be a night when I’d arrived back late from the hospital where I was volunteering. Due to security, all main artery roads into the capital were either blocked off, diverted, jammed, or having an attack of Jerusalem Chaos.
The upshot was that when I “dialled a kosher Pizza” it took an hour and forty minutes for it to arrive, by which time it tasted like Second Temple matza.
Fast forward to this evening – the day of the Presidential Inauguration. My better half had taken me out for an Italian supper after work. In his haste to clear up the kitchen before he left home, he’d put a number of things back into the fridge, without really seeing where he had stacked them.
The upshot was that a dish of Doris plums with juice had spilled all over the fridge, including a defrosting chicken.
The dish I will cook tomorrow will be called “Inauguration Chicken with Plum al Obama” I wonder if it will catch on?

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