Monday, 26 January 2009

Spa and cafe open for business

This morning we had our first visitor to the bird bath – the year old thrush from the territory next door. In typical teenager fashion, he had a quick lick and promise, threw back a mouthful of refreshment and then flew off to check out the local talent from the security of the apple tree next door.
This is the same bird who a year ago experienced his first Kiwi shower and alternately soaked his baby body on the fence under the full force of the downpour, then went back to the apple tree to preen himself.
We had quite a stare at each other through the kitchen window. Mercifully, Ms Lady Cat and occasional hunter was sunning herself at the other side of the house. I gave Mr T a bit of a talking to “NEVER turn your back on the garden, always be watchful behind the cabbage tree, and make brief but meaningful sorties to the bath. Do NOT dry off at garden level – please use the tree as the “finish off” zone. When in doubt, shriek and I will come as fast as I can to your rescue.”
Note to self: “Overfeed calico cat so that she can only waddle and not chase”.

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