Saturday, 31 January 2009

Twice-icle as nice-icle

Quoting a story from our local newspaper today

With Wellington set for a scorcher this weekend, our zoo animals are being offered new ways to cool down.
"Mousesicles", frozen whole mice, will be on the menu for Wellington Zoo's servals medium-sized African wild cats.
The city is heading for a high of 26C today, before cooling down a little to 23C tomorrow. It's likely to be even warmer in Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay.
Masterton can expect to hit 32C today, while Napier will hover around 29.
MetService forecaster Heath Gullery said the hot temperatures would be concentrated in eastern areas.
To prepare for the heat, Wellington Zoo staff have set up some enticing summer treats for their servals.
Today they get to play in a paddling pool complete with floating oranges that they will be able to fish out. "In the wild, servals are keen fishers and will wade into water, hooking fish with their long legs and claws," zoo spokeswoman Stephanie Gray said.
And when fishing gets too hot they will be able to wrap their paws around a "bloodsicle" a diluted blood ice-block.
Keepers will also put up hammocks for the servals and Malaysian sun bears to lounge on. The interesting menu and other extras are dubbed "enrichment activities" and designed to break the routine of zoo life for the wild cats.

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