Saturday, 3 January 2009

Cats and Trees

A question. How many cat owners have endless fun at Christmas with the following equation:

Cat x Cat + Christmas Tree = (Ornaments) squared and scattered all over the house.

Last year, the first time I had ever had a tree, the cats ignored it. Just another weird bit of furniture the old lady dragged in.

This year, it was theme park central. Big Boy turned into Mohammed Ali. He practised for hours with the gold coloured bauble. Slowly, the tree became top heavy with all the ornaments I wanted to protect. It warranted an explanation to visitors. “Yes, it’s the first time we’ve had a tree” and “Yes, I do know that the decorations are supposed to go ALL the way down and not leave the bottom three layers bare as brisket”

Lady cat tried chewing the lights whilst they were turned on. Several times she missed being turned into a calico with curly fur.

Oh, the endless amusement………

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Karen said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog !! It's always great to hear from fellow Kiwis.

Thinking about it, that photo of my twins may very well have been taken at Eastbourne. I was thinking it might have been somewhere near Shelley Bay, as we were living on Wexford Rd in Miramar at the time and often walked around there with the kids.

Know all about the cat and the Xmas tree. We also have two smallish dogs, who have been known to whip things off the tree.