Monday, 30 August 2010

What almost got served in the Buffet Car

I have always found it amusing the way a dog will chase a car and bark at it, attempting to outrun the sportiest model. Today I experienced something even weirder.
I returned home on a lunchtime train in pouring rain. As we pulled out of a long tunnel, just before the first stop, the train slowly ground to a halt. I have never known it stop at that place before and I expected the worst - points failure, electrical fault, leaves on the line? I looked out of the window at the fast running stream next to the railway embankment. An almighty commotion was taking place just under my window. I quickly identified the sound as angry birds. I turned to the man next to me “Ducks on the tracks?” He nodded. “Almost – geese. There is a flock of them here on the stream that terrorise the train.” I thought he was joking, until I saw a very large white goose come stomping out of the grass with a train murder in mind. Not a chick to be messed with.

I'd like to think that the train driver was prepared for the goose attack and had slowed until the goosey goosey had gandered.

Not even British Rail could come up with that excuse!

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