Monday, 16 August 2010

Three thousand years and counting

It is suggested that the "Book of Judges" was penned in approximately 1000BC. A few days ago, someone pointed out something that I had never really "twigged" before. At the beginning of the third chapter:

These are the nations that Hashem let remain, to test Israel through them, all those who did not know all the Canaanite Wars - only so that the generations of the Children of Israel would know, to teach them warfare; but those who preceded did not know........They were to test Israel through them, to know whether they would hearken to the commandments of Hashem, which he commanded their forefathers through the hand of Moses.

OK, so there is a list of the nations that God allowed to remain in the land of Promise. Why? Because the following generations of Israel would need to learn to defend their land. God miraculously provided it for them, but they needed to step up to the plate to keep it.

Well, here we are 30 centuries later, and the defending continues............

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