Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Tennessee Williams kind of day

Three green things to be thankful for today. The first was a well overdue hour in the garden, digging out weeds, self seeded plants and bark that the native birds tend to scatter on the deck when looking for worms. The sun was shining, so I struck. An hour later it was raining heavily, and I mean really heavily.
Which comes to the second thanksgiving. We are the proud owners of several square metres of green tin – our new roof. The old one we think was 40 years old and had started to let in water when we got horizontal rain. Latterly it was letting in water whatever the direction of the deluge. Today our new roof was put to the test, and not a single drop made it inside. Joy!
The third thanksgiving is also green. It is a New Zealand “favourite”, of a somewhat sour and unpalatable kind; silverbeet. I can’t bear it, but as with so many things which taste disgusting, it really is good for you. So I came up with a recipe for a puff pastry pie with silverbeet, pesto, light cottage cheese and nutmeg – Muskot. The result is amazing.
Muskot and a green tin roof! Tennesee Williams without the angst!

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Mary said...

The news about your new roof is awesome! Roofs usually only last about 20 years, so the fact that your old one lasted 40 years is no mean feat! Here’s to hoping your great new green tin roof can live up to its predecessor. Well, it sounds like it’s off to a great start so far!

~ Mary Martin